“Loren Kate’s delicate storytelling style was lapped up by an audience that would stay hooked for the entire night. Her mixture of finger picking and strumming laid the foundation for a set that, while featuring solemn meaningful songs, was delivered with humour and a balanced unguardedness. ” - Drum Media

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Award winning singer/songwriter Loren Kate is quickly gaining a reputation as an utterly captivating performer and brilliant storyteller. 

Loren's has just recorded her new album which is set for release in late spring 2021. 

Her bravely honest lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies make for a stunning collection of new songs. 

Loren Kate has earned a reputation in the Australian music industry as being a humble and yet utterly captivating performer. She is a timeless artist with the courage to write about things that are raw, honest and real. Her songwriting is undeniably beautiful, and she writes with a depth and passion that is rare and inspiring.

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