little wonders by loren kate and sarah humpreys

Sarah Humphreys and Loren Kate are making an album! An album for little people… and big people too. Its called ‘LITTLE WONDERS’.

We’ve been dreaming about making this album for a long time now, since our first born children were just wee little babies… Finally, it’s going to happen.

The album will be recorded on the Central Coast of NSW in October, by the gorgeous Glen Hannah and will feature a collection of songs written from our hearts. These songs will bring families together. Songs for long car rides, songs to dance to, do the dishes to, play to, fall asleep to, cry to….

Our very talented friend and amazing artist, Shaye Hardisty will be illustrating the album. We’ve seen the first sketches and they are super lovely. The little drawings on this page are all her creations… she’s beautiful.

We’ll be using the money we raise for recording, mixing, mastering, album artwork, graphic design, manufacturing…. I’m sure there’ll be more things too, there always is! Obviously, if we raise more funds we’ll be able to promote it and get some organic cotton little people t-shirts printed!

To make the album even more special, Sarah will be 8 months pregnant when we are in the studio. We are aiming for a blissful acoustic album of yummy songs with delicious harmonies for everyone to enjoy.

We’d love your help in making it happen… pre-order the album here and receive it before Christmas! What a lovely gift...

 Loren and Sarah xx

For more info, please email

Please SHARE this with all your friends, family and networks who may be able to help, every little action adds up to something much greater than we can imagine. Lets make this happen together!

Thank You to...

$50.00from Peter Humphry
$100.00from Renee Haskett (rainbow room)
$25.00from Kim Nicholson
$15.00from M Edwards
$15.00from Shelley
$15.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Kerryanne Tolson
$25.00from Megan Walsh-Cheek
$25.00from Katherine Reynolds
$25.00from jane emery
$25.00from Coralie Riedel
$25.00from Kim Jarmyn
$25.00from Tana lampard
$50.00from Laura Lovitt
$40.00from Kim Weeks
$15.00from Kyra Marwaha
$50.00from Jo Watson
$15.00from Anonymous
$15.00from Ee Ling
$15.00from Anonymous
$15.00from Eleanore Plummer
$15.00from Jeni
$25.00from Rebecca Smith
$27.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Deb Cairns
$25.00from Kelli
$25.00from Nicole Werner
$25.00from Mandi ashcrift
$25.00from Hayley Walsh
$15.00from Cecily
$25.00from Janine Ravenwood
$25.00from Natalie Griffin
$15.00from Matt Turner
$50.00from Jessica
$70.00from Michael Kirkham
$25.00from Greg Lindsell
$25.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Sarah Verdich
$15.00from Tara Eppleston
$120.00from Lisa Mount
$25.00from anna Weekes
$50.00from Liadhan bell
$30.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Clara, dAniel & Kai
$25.00from Anonymous
$50.00from Bridget O'Donnell
$40.00from Serena Carney
$25.00from Eloise
$25.00from Adrian Nicholas
$40.00from Jade Matteucci
$25.00from Kylie Rapira
$50.00from Louise Flaherty
$15.00from Sarah Vinter
$15.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Claire Nesbitt-Hawes
$30.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Carol Russell
$25.00from Deb Wildish
$15.00from Vicky
$15.00from Louise
$25.00from Hayley Rochford
$50.00from Nicole Walkinshaw
$25.00from Carly
$25.00from Andrew
$25.00from Paula Day
$15.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Morghan Kelly
$50.00from Lexie Abel
$15.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Jay
$40.00from Rachael Hunt
$25.00from Angela
$25.00from Jess Moffat
$50.00from Alex Wegner
$70.00from Mick Eggers
$25.00from Rachel McColgan
$25.00from Zoe
$25.00from Kev Chan
$15.00from Kylie Thane
$25.00from Denis Beaubois
$40.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Izabel Firns
$15.00from Emma
$120.00from Anonymous
$50.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Danie Smallwood
$15.00from Lif
$15.00from Lauren horton
$25.00from Karen Eivers
$25.00from Ellie Davies
$50.00from freyja gilroy
$25.00from Anonymous
$15.00from Theresa Shields
$70.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Kelly McHugh
$15.00from Tamar dubb
$40.00from Paige
$25.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Alia
$25.00from Bridgett Toner
$25.00from Allana Parker
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$25.00from Kate
$25.00from Anonymous
$25.00from Allana Parker
$15.00from april rose
$25.00from Nic Fox
$25.00from Ilona
$15.00from Kiri Pasfield
$25.00from Liz Frencham
$25.00from Anonymous
$50.00from Alex Norman
$25.00from Rhiannon Ward
$15.00from Laura shimbel
$25.00from Megan Hodgson
$25.00from Erin brooks
$25.00from Louise Sawilejskij
$25.00from Michelle Sutherland
$15.00from Laura Elphick
$25.00from Roselinde Klass
$25.00from Allison Davies
$25.00from Rob Cleary
$15.00from Kirsten Pender
$25.00from Pam Steenkamp
$125.00from Jane Brammy
$40.00from Alicia madden
$25.00from Justine Barber
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